What is Jura Grey limestone

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On this episode, we will introduce you to an amazing German natural stone: the Jura Grey.

This is a grey colored limestone, which is extracted in the beautiful Bavaria region, in Germany, near the town of Titting-Kaldorf by few quarries.

The Jura Grey is part of the Jura limestone family, which has its famous beige color variation, and is probably the most well-know German natural stone, with considerable demand in Europe and worldwide. It is also a limestone with considerable reserves for future extraction.

Also known as Jura Silver or Jura Blue, the Jura Grey is a grey colored limestone, with an irregular background, showing strong signs of fossils with darker color, sparsely distributed throughout the surface. It may present some grey color tone variation. The limestone is known for its hardness and low porosity, which makes it an ideal limestone for many types of applications.

In terms of surface finishes, we would like to highlight few important ones that are mostly used. The polished, which enhances the color and elements of the stone, showing a strong shine. The honed, which is perhaps the most used type of finish, showing a matte surface, no shine. This is found on flooring or cladding for example.

As exterior application surface finish, we suggest the sandblasted, which has quite an anti-slippery surface, but showing a fairly white to light grey color, like concrete. Or the sandblasted and brushed, which has a slight rugosity, bit like leather, showing the natural color and elements of the Jura Grey.

The Jura Grey is a fairly hard limestone that is mostly used on flooring, wall coverings and cladding applications. This limestone has gained a reputation for its durability, hardness and strength. It is also a limestone with considerable demand on the European and international markets. All these features have made the Jura Grey a very popular limestone with high demand, which has been used on numerous project applications.

This is a limestone that can also be found on masonry, garden decoration and interior decoration (bath design, kitchen applications, for example). This is a very versatile natural stone that combines the capacity to be multi-functional, strong and durable, with a beautiful look.

However, the types of applications that have brought recognition to the Jura Grey are found on interior flooring, exterior paving and finally exterior cladding. Here, is where we can see the amazing look and beauty of this limestone, shown on large surfaces.

Thats it about the Jura Grey limestone, a wonderful grey colored limestone from Germany. If you would like to know more information about this limestone, visit our blog on www.naturalstone-outlet.com/blog. You can also check our Natural Stone Outlet youtube channel, where we have a video introducing the Jura Grey.

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