About the Stone

The Region

Bavaria RegionThe Jura Grey limestone is explored in the Upper Bavaria region, which is located in the south part of Germany. Upper Bavaria is located in the southern portion of Bavaria, and is centred around the city of Munich. It is named ‘Upper Bavaria’ because the land is higher above sea level than the rest of Bavaria.

Bavaria is the largest and oldest state in the Federal Republic of Germany. The face of Bavaria is unmistakeable and at the same time inextricably bound up in German and European culture and history.

In the last few decades Bavaria has become an extremely modern economic location. Bavaria is also known for its unique and beautiful limestone, the Jura Grey limestone. The Jura Grey limestone is extracted around this area by several quarries, and exported all over the world.

The Limestone

Jura Grey Limestone QuarryThe Jura Grey is explored by several companies located in the Titting-Kaldorf (upper Bavaria) in the same quarries where the Jura Beige limestone is explored. The quarries can have medium to large dimension and a considerable output of extraction every month. The blocks extracted are normally large but fairly short, but this may vary.

The Jura limestone is probably the most well-know German natural stone, with considerable demand in Europe and in several other parts of the world. It is also a limestone with considerable reserves for future extraction.

Overall Analysis

Jura Grey Limestone BlocksThe Jura Grey limestone is above all an extremely versatile natural stone. This is probably one of the main characteristics of this limestone. Due to its considerable hardness and good technical properties, the Jura Grey is a preferential limestone to be used on a diversity of applications.

In addition, this is a limestone with considerable reserves, which makes it a key player in the future. In terms of pricing, this is also a fairly affordable limestone.

But perhaps the only negative point of this stone is related to its appearance, which presents a fairly non-uniform background. If this is what you are looking for on a limestone, then the Jura is an ideal choice. If you are looking for a perfectly uniform limestone with thin grain and practically no fossils, then you should look elsewhere.