Jura limestone flooring inspiration

The Jura limestone is a fantastic limestone from Germany that combines a beautiful and consistent look and colour, being widely popular in places like the UK, where the natural feel of the stone is highly appreciated by architects, designers and individual clients. The Jura limestone is normally supplied on the UK with beige or grey colour and mostly for flooring applications with large square formats, with a honed or polished surface.

Below, we present an inspiration gallery of some beautiful Jura limestone applications on flooring:

Jura Beige limestone honed flooring

Jura Beige limestone flooring - UK

Jura Grey limestone interior flooring

Jura Grey limestone polished flooring - UK

Jura Beige limestone flooring detail

Jura Beige limestone flooring  detail

Jura Beige limestone interior flooring

Jura Beige limestone flooring  - UK

Jura Beige limestone polished flooring

Jura Beige limestone flooring

Jura Grey limestone flooring + staircases

Jura Grey limestone flooring + staircases

Jura Grey limestone flooring detail

Jura Grey limestone flooring detail

Jura Beige vein-cut limestone flooring

Jura Beige Vein-cut limestone flooring

For more information about Jura limestone from Germany, visit Juralimestoneportal