Best surface finishes for the Jura Grey limestone

The Jura Grey from Germany is one of the most versatile limestones available in the market, presenting some fantastic technical properties for a limestone. It is widely used on both interior and exterior applications, no matter the climate, it is considered by many as a combat limestone.

It also accepts a wide range of surface finishes, which we present below:


One of the reference types of finish for the Jura Grey limestone, the polished finish is the one that most highlight the true grey color and all the elements as well as inclusions. It displays all elements and grey color contrast of this stone.

This finishing is mostly used on interior flooring and wall coverings.

Jura Grey limestone polished


This is considered the most popular type of finish, where it is mostly used on exterior wall cladding but also interior flooring, which are the projects requiring most quantity. It presents a matte grey color, with no shine.

This type of finish is mostly used on exterior cladding and interior flooring.

Jura Grey limestone honed


Being a special type of surface finish, the bush-hammered presents a strong corrugated appearance, changing the grey color and structure of the Jura Grey limestone entirely.

It is commonly used on pool areas and paving where strong anti-slippery capacity is needed.

Jura Grey limestone bush-hammered

Sandblasted + Brushed

The sandblasted + brushed surface finish a very popular type of surface finish, specially for exterior flooring applications. Here, we still see all the beauty, elements and natural color of the Jura Grey limestone, but with a decent anti-slippery capacity.

It is mostly used on flooring and paving applications.

Jura Grey limestone sandblasted + brushed


The sandblasted surface finish shows a light corrugated look, but a very uniform grey color. This type of finish changes the structure and look of the Jura Grey, but giving it an extreme uniform and plain look.

This finish is mostly used on paving that requires a good level of anti-slippery, but also on some decoration.

Jura Grey limestone sandblasted


The tumbled surface finish basically ages the Jura Grey limestone, giving it an older or used look. The grey color of the stone is still there, but its surface becomes more rustic, old.

The tumbled surface finish is mostly used on interior flooring or exterior flooring.

Jura Grey limestone tumbled

Bush-hammered + brushed

If the bush-hammered surface finish makes the surface of the Jura Grey limestone strongly corrugated and with a changed structure, the brushed surface which is done on top of it, brings back the natural grey color of the stone, but still keeping a strong anti-slippery capacity.

A lesser-known type of surface finish, this is mostly used on exterior paving, diverse decoration and stonework.

Jura Grey limestone bush-hammered + brushed