Jura Grey vs Jura Beige limestone

Jura limestone is a fantastic type of natural stone that is extracted and mostly produced in Germany. It presents two main variations (beige and grey colored) that we present here (with podcasts included).

Also known as Jura Silver or Jura Blue, the Jura Grey is a grey colored limestone, with an irregular background, showing strong signs of fossils with darker color, sparsely distributed throughout the surface. It may present some grey color tone variation. The limestone is known for its hardness and low porosity, which makes it an ideal limestone for many types of applications.

The Jura Grey is part of the Jura limestone family, which has its famous beige color variation, and is probably the most well-know German natural stone, with considerable demand in Europe and worldwide. If compared to its beige partner, the Jura Grey presents similar look, pattern and structure, but showing a cold grey color.

The Jura Beige on the other hand, is mostly known for its strong signs of fossils with darker color, sparsely distributed throughout the stone surface, as well as fairly irregular beige colored background. Its main variations depend mostly on the more or less abundance of dark colored fossils, as well as background uniformity. This limestone can have a light and dark variation, as well as a vein-cut variation, although less common and with limited quantity.

Contrary to the cold grey color of the Jura Grey limestone, the Jura Beige limestone presents an earthy warm beige color, which is generally more popular and sells more. Good part of the market of Jura limestone is covered by the Jura Beige limestone.

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