Jura Grey Limestone Interesting Finishings

The Jura Grey is an interesting limestone due to its hardness, but specially its color. But in order to maintain its original color or at least something close to it, the Jura Grey should accept only certain types of finishing. Some of these finishings are:


Perhaps the most demanded type of finishing, the polished enhances the natural grey elements of the Jura Grey limestone. Its show a strong contrast between its lighter and darker elements, as well as a smooth and shiny surface.

This finishing is commonly found on flooring, coverings and diverse interior decoration.

Jura Grey Limestone Polished


An interesting type of finishing and also with increasing demand. The honed makes the grey color of the surface more uniform, showing little contrast between the Jura´s natural elements. Its surface is smooth but matte.

It is mostly used on cladding projects and some interior decoration.

Jura Grey Limestone Honed

Sandblasted and Brushed

The Sandblasted + brushed finishing maintains much of the natural color and look of the original Jura Grey limestone, but with a non-slippery and smooth surface. After sandblasting, the brushing clean away all the residues, making the surface smooth.

It is commonly used on diverse flooring applications, some wall cladding and decoration.

Jura Grey Sandblasted Brushed


This type of finishing presents a rough surface but quite uniform in terms of color tone. It is mostly used on exterior flooring applications, but can also be found on cladding.

It is mostly used on landscaping projects, where strong anti-slippery capacity is required.


The Bush-hammered surface finishing shows a strong corrugated surface, with high anti-slippery capacity. The grey color becomes very plain and uniform, little bit rough.

It is commonly used on landscaping application, due to the high roughness and anti-slippery capacity.