Introduction to Jura Beige and Jura Grey limestones

Jura limestone is the commercial name of a beige to grey limestone which comes from the region of Bavaria – Germany. The natural colors of this limestone are beige, grey-blue and a mixture of both. However, the two most relevant types of Jura limestone are the Beige and the Grey.

Jura Grey and Jura Beige limestones

We make here a brief comparison of both limestones, in order to try to understand the main differences between them as well as each one of them individually.

Jura limestone comparison

Both Jura Beige and Jura Grey limestone are extracted in the same quarries, but in different sections or layers within the quarries. Some layers or sections may have a beige color, other may have a grey color, but both types share the same origin. They also share the same structure and technical properties. In short, we are talking about the same stone, but with differences in terms of color and some elements visible at the surface.


The main points that distinguish these two limestones are the color, where they present different color tones; applications, where both limestones may be used preferentially on different types of applications; and markets, where we see a different sort of demand according to color.

Jura Beige limestone

The Jura Beige is a reference beige limestone, with considerable hardness. This limestone can have a light variation and dark variation, as well as a vein-cut variation (less common and with limited quantity).


Jura Grey limestone

The Jura Grey is a reference grey limestone, with considerable hardness. This limestone also presents a vein-cut variation that presents parallel vein along its surface, as well as a grey mixed color (also known as Jura Cocktail).


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Source: Jurabeigelimestone