Top Limestones for Exterior Paving in the UK in 2016

Our network has just released the top limestones for exterior paving in the United Kingdom and the Jura Grey is among the highest picks. The strong technical properties of this limestone, together with its versatility and neutral colour are the main reasons behind this selection. Learn more about 2016’s top entries.

In order to accurately select a proper limestone for exterior paving applications, it’s necessary to follow a set of principles, such as high durability, hardness, resistance and low porosity. These conditions are crucial to stand the existing climate constraints in the UK, mainly because it increases the self-perseverance and appearance of the projects over long time periods. On the other hand, regular natural stones that do not own these features suffer from an accelerated erosion and that’s not a desired feature. The Jura Grey meets all the requirements and it holds a well-established positioning in the European market, hence it’s one of the most popular limestone for this type of application. There are five other entries in this list: Ataija Beige, Ataija Blue, Jura Beige, Moleanos Classic and Moleanos B1.

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Jura Grey Sandblasted