Most Popular Jura Grey Finishings


The Jura Grey is a reference grey limestones from Germany, with a large availability and a considerable demand. In the finishing department, this natural stone can accept a decent number of techniques but only a few are relevant in the present days.

As typical of the Jura limestone, the Jura Grey accepts well almost any kind of finishing. However, only four types are currently popular worldwide. The honed and polished finishings for instance, are usually requested for interior applications, such as flooring and coverings. On the other hand, the sandblasted and the sandblasted & brushed are vastly used on exterior projects, especially on cladding applications. The main characteristics of the Jura Grey are a non-uniform background, medium grain, a considerable hardness, strong fossil presence and a consistent grey colour. This is a limestone with large reserves and a huge availability. It also presents a growing market and a substantial demand, which is mainly focused on Europe.

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