Jura Grey Limestone: Top 3 Popular Applications

The Jura Grey is an extremely versatile limestone and it’s currently recommended for a vast diversity of applications. However, mostly because of its colour, the Jura Grey is highly popular in some particular sections.

Despite being suitable for almost all types of projects, the Jura Grey is mostly used in a restricted amount of applications, mostly due to its tonality and considerable hardness, which makes it perfect for all flooring varieties.

We have previously presented an in-depth analysis about the recommended applications for the Jura Grey limestone. Now, it’s time to unveil the three most popular applications for this particular limestone.

1. Flooring

Flooring is undoubtedly the top worldwide election for the Jura Grey limestone. The fairly uniform background and colour distribution of this limestone, in addition to its strong technical properties, create an ideal scenario for flooring projects. Despite being quite popular on exterior flooring, the Jura Grey is mostly found on interior flooring projects.

Jura Grey Exterior Flooring

2. Interior Decoration

When it comes to interior decoration, the Jura Grey is one of the preferential limestones for architects and interior decorators from all over the world. The main reasons behind this election is Jura Grey’s fairly uniform background and colouration, which provides a rather relaxing and soothing environment. It is commonly found on fireplaces, coverings, staircases and much more.

Jura Grey Interior-Decoration

3. Bath Design

This particular application is the one that gives the most credit to the Jura Grey limestone. The high durability and resistance of the Jura Grey allows bath designs made with this limestone to resist humidity and damage. It also creates smooth and beautiful environments. It can be used on wall coverings, basins, shower-trays or even bath-tubs.

Jura Grey Bath Design