Commercial names of the Jura Grey limestone

The Jura Grey is a variation of the well-known Jura Beige limestone. This grey colored limestone is extracted in the same quarries as the Jura Beige, but is a less known limestone.

However, the Jura Grey has been gaining a lot of market recently, mainly due to the help of its beige sister, but also for its beautiful looks and raising demand for grey colored stones. Today, the Jura Grey limestone is known as different names. We try to resume here some of the most relevant commercial names for this grey limestone:

– Grey Blue or Blue Grey: This name originates from the color that the Jura Grey may present. In addition to the grey color, it may also have some slight bits of blue. Therefore, the name Grey Blue.

– Polar Blue: A reference to the sober color of the Jura Grey limestone. Due to its icy and calm color, it can also be referred as Polar Blue.

Jura Grey Limestone Blocks

– Silver Grey: A commercial name for the Jura Grey limestone. The Silver is also named after some small fragments with a silver color that the Jura Grey might contain.

– Jura Kalkstein: The official name for the Jura limestone in German language, Kalkstein stands for limestone. This is the generic name for the Jura family of stones.

– Jura Gray: Another commercial name for the Jura Grey, where the Gray refers to the color, which can also be used as Grey. Depending on which part of the world you are, Gray may be the choice of color instead of Grey.

– Bavaria Grey: An interesting commercial name for the Jura Grey limestone, which refers directly to the region where these Jura limestone quarries are located: in the beautiful Bavaria region.

These are some of the names most commonly found in the market that refer to the Jura Grey limestone, this wonderful German limestone. There are more names, so do not be surprised to find some curious commercial names to identify this limestone.

If you would like to see the Jura Grey limestone up-close, check the video below, where we make a quick introduction to this limestone.