Jura limestone selections


The Jura is great German limestone, which has seen huge demand in the past several years. This has become a key limestone for many building projects. There are however few variations of the same limestone and on this video, we try to introduce you to the main types.

The world of the Jura limestone is pretty much composed by a couple of colours, the beige and the grey. The beige is the main type that has most extraction, supply and demand. Here, we will find the Jura Beige Dark and Light. On the other side, we have the Jura Grey, with the same structure and look as the beige, but with a grey cold colour. Like most limestone, there is a mixed variation which essentially combines the beige and grey colours, also known as Jura Cocktail. Finally, we have the low-key and more exclusive Jura Cocktail, which can be found in both grey and beige colours.

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