Jura Grey Limestone Main Applications

The Jura Grey is an incredibly versatile limestone, being recommended for a large diversity of applications. But because of its colour, it is mostly used on certain applications. Below we present you some of the most common application for this grey limestone:

1. Flooring

Flooring applications are common with this type of limestone. The fairly uniform colour of the Jura Grey in addition with its strong technical properties, make the Jura Grey limestone and ideal partner for flooring applications. It is mostly found on interior flooring, but it can also be found on exterior applications.

Jura Grey Limestone Flooring

2. Bath design

Perhaps the type of application that gives the most credit to the Jura Grey limestone. Due to its hardness, it resists well the humidity and it does an amazing job as interior application limestone for bathrooms. It can be used on wall coverings, basins, shower-trays or even bath-tubs.

Jura Grey Limestone Coverings

3. Fireplace and Interior Decoration

Another preferential application for the Jura Grey limestone. Due to its fairly uniform background and relaxing / soothing colour, the Jura Grey is a preferential limestone for architects and interior decorators these days. It is common to find it on fireplaces, flooring, coverings, staircases and much more.

Jura Grey Limestone Decoration

4. Cladding

A less common type of application for the Jura Grey, but nonetheless with growing interest. There are some very interesting cases of Jura Grey on cladding applications, mostly in Europe. The Jura Grey can be an amazing partner for cladding projects.

Jura Grey Limestone Cladding