Possible Finishings

Jura Grey limestone polished


Finishing that most enhances the beautiful colour and fossils of the Jura Grey limestone. The surface is shiny, where all the elements are highlighted. It is mostly used on interior flooring and coverings.

Jura Grey limestone honed


This type of finishing is plain, not showing much shine or contrast. It presents a lighter and matte Jura Grey limestone. This is the most common finishing used in exterior cladding.

Jura Grey limestone sandblasted + brushed

Sandblasted + brushed

This type of finishing has a smooth corrugated appearance, but maintaining most of the original colour of the Jura Grey limestone. Ideal for exterior flooring applications.

Jura Grey limestone sandblasted


This type of finishing presents a rough surface but quite uniform in terms of colour tone. It is mostly used on exterior flooring applications, but can also be found on cladding.