Jura Grey limestone

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Below you can find two possible variations of the Jura Grey limestone.

Jura Grey polished

Jura Grey honed


Grey coloured limestone, with thin to medium grain and non-uniform background. This limestone is mostly characterized by the presence of strong signs of fossils with darker colour. | Description

Recommended Use

It is today common to find applications of the Jura Grey limestone on several exterior cladding applications, where it is applied using different posing techniques. | Applications

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Articles from the Jura Grey limestone blog

Jura limestone cladding

The Jura limestone is a preferential type of limestone to be used on diverse cladding applications. First of all, it has large availability. Secondly, it presents a fairly uniform colour. And thirdly, it is a fairly hard stone for a limestone (good for some climates but also for most types of fixation systems).

Jura Grey reference project: Australian private residence

We continue here our series of articles about some reference projects done with Jura limestone. In this case, we present a project where the limestone required was the Jura Grey. This project was done in Australia, it was the renovation of a private residence.